18 Feb 2019
Everyone can now join for FREE!
 Everyone can now join for FREE!

Introducing our REWARDS MEMBERSHIP which is free for all to sign up. Share with your friends and family that you can now sign up for free.. and wait! There’s RM5 worth of rewards waiting for both you and your new signups!

What can you get with our REWARDS membership? Share with your friends and enjoy our M20 program!
What is M20 - ForestONE Community Many to One (M2O) Spending Recycling Program is a Program that rewards you with 0.1% of the total spending in your community provided you have met the requirements
  • Spend RM300 monthly at our merchants
  • Recommend minimum 4 direct partners to join ForestONE

What is CGP?

Community Growth Program (CGP) rewards Premium Members as they recommend this program to other Premium members.

For each Premium Member that joins and is recommended by you, a reward of 25 F1 points will be given.

As your Partner grow his community as well, a bonus of One (1) F1Point will be rewarded for every new Premium Member joined in your PARTNER’s Community. Hence, a maximum bonus of 21,844 F1Points can earned (per Partner) in an unlimited time frame

It is important to note that the number of direct partners for each member is infinite

For more information check out a video we have that fully explains about ForestONE!

Terms & Conditions:
  • Promotion valid for first 10000 sign ups / Until 31st March 2019