08 Apr 2019
April Campaign
April Campaign
Top Promos are coming to you this month from 8 – 29 April. Make sure to follow our Facebook Page @ForestONEOfficial to find out more!

First up is Petronas + KFC. Get a FREE RM5 KFC Voucher for each RM100 Petronas Gift Card purchase*! Hurry up as this promo ends on 15th of April.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Promo period for Petronas + KFC Voucher combo from 8 April 12pm – 15 April 12pm / While stocks last
  • Promo applicable for FIRST purchase during promo period
  • Maximum quantity for purchase: 5 pieces

Invite Your Friends & Family To Join ForestONE And Get Rewarded!

April Campaign 02

Our popular Referral Bonus is back! Simply invite your friends & family to download ForestONE for FREE and you both enjoy 5 F1Vouchers each!

Terms & Conditions:
  • Referral Bonus Period from 8 April 2019 – 21 April 2019
  • Sponsor to receive 5 F1Vouchers each for the first 50 signups during promo period. Maximum of 250 F1Voucher rewards for you as a sponsor by only referring to others!
  • 51st partner and above that signs up under your referral code during promo period will receive 5F1Voucher. You will not receive 5F1Voucher per sign up as a sponsor after referring ForestONE to 50 partners from 8 April - 21 April 2019.

Purchase F1Vouchers & Get Rewarded As Well!

April Campaign 03

FIRST purchase of either 100/200/300 F1Vouchers from 8 – 21 April 2019 will entitle you to a 5% rebate! Rebate value is fixed based on 100 / 200 / 300 F1Vouchers. Both you and your direct sponsor gets the rebate. Remind your partners to purchase F1Vouchers and spend with us today!!

Terms & Conditions:
  • Only for FIRST F1Voucher purchase from 8 - 21 April, Rebate will be given in Potential M20 Points for this month
  • Only applicable to FIRST F1Voucher Purchase during promo period
  • When purchase less than 100 F1Voucher, you will receive 0 F1Point rebate in M20
  • Purchase minimum of 100 F1Voucher for 5 F1Points, minimum of 200 F1Voucher to get 10 F1Points or minimum of 300 for 15 F1Points now!